VCT Commercial Flooring In Southeast Charlotte, North Carolina

Finding a cost-effective flooring option for commercial spaces that is also durable in high-traffic environments and visually appealing is challenging. One solution that meets all the prerequisites is VCT commercial flooring (Vinyl Composite Tile). Less expensive and easier to install over concrete than epoxy, VCT commercial tile also features abundant styling options. It is becoming a popular choice in businesses ranging from hospitals to grocery stores. Consider commercial VCT tile for your commercial space in Charlotte, North Carolina. Choose your local Floor Coverings International ® for commercial VCT flooring and find the largest selection of styles to choose from as well as unbeatable services for a hassle-free buying experience.

What Is VCT Commercial Tile?

Commercial VCT tile is made with a mix of natural limestone and other filler materials similar to luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl sheet flooring. A thermoplastic binder and desired color pigments are also added. Commercial VCT flooring is produced in solid sheets and then cut into tiles. The tiles are then applied to a concrete substrate with an adhesive.

VCT commercial tile has become one of the most popular choices for commercial flooring, especially in schools, hospitals, clinics, and grocery stores. The reason is due to its affordability – VCT commercial flooring is typically less expensive than LVT and vinyl sheet – along with several other benefits applicable to commercial spaces:

  • Durability And Longevity – Commercial enterprises love VCT because of its high-impact resistance and durability against wear and tear from heavy foot traffic. The material does require regular wiping, buffing, and waxing, but VCT commercial tile will typically last for 20 years or longer with proper maintenance.
  • Attractive Styling Options - VCT commercial tile is often used in the commercial interior design industry because of the elegant styling options available. Many different colors and patterns can be applied to the surface of VCT. It can also be manufactured to mimic many natural materials, such as wood and stone.
  • Sound Absorption And Slip Resistance - Unlike most other kinds of tile flooring, VCT produces no sound when walking on its surface. Its sound absorption makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic environments. The same can be said for its slip resistance. Commercial VCT tile resists water accrual and won’t become as slippery as wood or concrete.

Why Buy From Floor Coverings International In Southeast Charlotte, NC?

You won’t find a better selection of commercial VCT tile styles in Southeast Charlotte than Floor Coverings International ®. We work directly with the best manufacturers and carry an extensive inventory sure to suit your design preferences. The flooring services from Floor Coverings International ® of Southeast Charlotte are similarly unbeatable. Convenient services like the Mobile Flooring Showroom ® will bring samples of VCT tile to you for consideration. See and feel different styles and finishes in the environment that best helps you to buy with confidence. Our Design Associates will go over all the benefits of VCT commercial flooring and help you choose the best for your commercial space.

Factory-trained experts from Floor Coverings International ® will install your VCT commercial tile flawlessly. The concrete substrate must be appropriately cleaned and prepared to ensure the longevity of this flooring solution. Any obstructions like specks of dirt or unevenness on the concrete can cause issues for VCT, but our experts can take care of everything. We return after installation to ensure everything has been completed to our standards and that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

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The durability, longevity, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits make VCT flooring an excellent investment for commercial properties in Southeast Charlotte, NC. Floor Coverings International ® carries the best selection of VCT commercial tile in the area, and you’re sure to find a style to complement your space. Our Design Associates can show you samples in person and help you buy with confidence. Installation is also hassle-free when you let our factory-trained experts handle the job. Book a free consultation in Southeast Charlotte today.