RaceDeck Garage Flooring In Southeast Charlotte, NC

Finding garage flooring that is both visually appealing and strong enough to resist the extreme wear and tear common in this area is difficult. Epoxy has been the go-to solution to apply over solid concrete garage floors for a while, but it suffers from temperature differentials and longevity issues. You may have seen RaceDeck flooring in high-end garages across the country or on television, but it is the perfect choice for your own business or residence. If you’re looking for a floor that will transform the look and functionality of your garage, choose Racedeck garage floors from Floor Coverings International ® in Southeast Charlotte, NC.

What Are RaceDeck Garage Floors?

RaceDeck is a brand of modular garage flooring composed of interlocking tiles. It is a free-floating flooring made from high-impact copolymer. The material is specially designed to withstand harsh garage environments and is resistant to water and the corrosive chemicals in these areas, including gas and oil. Some of the many benefits of RaceDeck garage flooring include the following:

  • Simple Installation - RaceDeck flooring is a DIY flooring option that requires no specialized tools or glue. The process is as simple as snapping each individual tile into place and can be completed quickly by one person. The product's modular design allows it to be customized to fit any garage or layout. Some measurement-taking and cutting will be necessary, or you can let the factory-trained installation experts at Floor Coverings International ® handle the job. 
  • Heavy-Duty And Low-Maintenance - Every tile is extremely tough and can withstand up to 80,000 pounds of pressure. RaceDeck flooring is also remarkably easy to clean and maintain. The material only needs to be vacuumed or swept and occasionally mopped. Petroleum and other chemicals commonly found in garages will not damage its surface. Another feature that makes RaceDeck garage floors a better choice than epoxy is its slip resistance. 
  • Unlimited Style Options - One of the biggest benefits of RaceDeck garage flooring is it can be made in an unlimited variety of colors and patterns. RaceDeck flooring allows you to create unique designs and patterns online, and the product is delivered to your specifications. 

Not Just Garage Flooring

RaceDeck flooring is not just for commercial and residential garages but is also widely used inside airplane hangars, showroom floors, and to display cars and motorcycles. What more home and business owners in Southeast Charlotte, North Carolina, should know is that this affordable flooring material has a wide range of applications.

RaceDeck flooring is a free-floating flooring solution that is highly mobile and easy to install almost anywhere. Man caves, she-sheds, game rooms, or any space inside your home or commercial property you want to add a high-end aesthetic are suitable for this flooring product. Many people have installed RaceDeck floors in their basements, kitchens, and family rooms. Because the interlocking tiles can be easily disassembled and moved, they are immensely versatile. Everyone from dealers and collectors who frequently travel to trade shows to property renters wanting to enhance their space without making permanent alterations have fallen in love with RaceDeck flooring.

The Best Flooring Services In Southeast Charlotte, NC

RaceDeck garage floors are durable, visually appealing, easy to clean, and applicable to a wide variety of spaces in commercial and residential settings. Floor Coverings International ® in Southeast Charlotte can simplify the process of bringing this exciting flooring solution into your space. 

It all starts with a consultation from our Design Associates. Schedule a time convenient for you, and we’ll bring the Mobile Flooring Showroom ® to your door. See and feel for yourself samples of RaceDeck flooring inside your home or commercial property. Our Design Associates will demonstrate its many qualities and answer your questions to help you buy confidently.

Other services that set Floor Coverings International ® apart from floor stores in Southeast Charlotte include flexible payment options and professional installation. We also conduct post-installation follow-ups to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our products and services. 

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RaceDeck garage floors are an exciting flooring option that protects and enhances the space you store your vehicles. You can also add a flair of style to most living spaces with RaceDeck flooring. The versatility and mobility of this modular flooring solution give it almost unlimited applicability. Find the best styles and services on RaceDeck garage flooring in Southeast Charlotte, NC, from Floor Coverings International ®. Schedule a free consultation and see the benefits for yourself by calling (704) 845-3567.