Elisa was very helpful in helping us pick out our carpets. We have dogs and she understood that we need quality but, not overpriced carpeting.
Donna A. Peters
Service is polite, honest, professional, and it shows from the first call, to completed job. Elisa came to the house, listened to what I wanted, made a few good suggestions that I had not considered, saving me any problems later. She came in on Budget, and sent 2 of the best install teams I have ever worked with. I have worked in the trades 45 years, and am not easily impressed, and I give everyone in her group a 100%, and sincere thank you for a job well done.
David Humphrey
Business owner was prompt in answering all my questions about the estimate, worked with me to arrange a convenient installation date, and installation was smooth with no unexpected charges.
Nancy Conison
I enjoyed working with your Representative and also enjoyed being introduced to Shaw Products. The quality appears to be synonymous with a previous selection I made but company couldn't get the style I wanted. I introduced my niece to my representative and she liked the product and recently signed a contract for approximately $ 5000. I'm hopeful she too will receive the Same quality of service I did
Evelena Thompson
Very quality work and the flooring I love. It really made my bathroom look so much better. Thanks for a GREAT JOB well done.
Kathryn Mason
Difference between expectations about what the price/job included and what it didn't. We seemed to run into a few misunderstandings that would've been better handled on the front end.
Steve & Amy Gruendel
Product and service was good
Vincent & Marian Alaimo
Customer service is great. Did exactly what you said you do and stand by your service.
Zanquie Hamilton
Mom says that the work was great.
Paul Dolan
Excellent customer service thru the entire process. The installers were friendly, and very professional. From the beginning to the end, FCI South East Charlotte were a pleasure to work with.
Reid Satterfield